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Group Swimming Classes
Age Group:2-4+ years
Duration: 30min lessons, 1or 2
 times a week per Term

Outcome: Peer challenged improvement in swimming ability

Rikki swimming with toddlers.
When do you join a group?

Children 2 to 4 years who have been fully assessed by one of our trained instructors and have completed the relevant survival programme are eligible. They need to have mastered the survival sequence and have the full ability to SWIM•float•SWIM™.

What and when do we do group classes?

Aquatic professionals agree upon the importance of play in the learn-to-swim process and the negative effects of time spent out of the water.

  • One or two 30 minute lessons a week, depending on their ability and schedule.

  • Practice newly achieved skills to maintain confidence, improve core strength and learn to have fun in the water with other children.

  • Group classes are fun with up to 4 children in a class. Children swim independently with an instructor with parents out the water.

  • These classes are designed to progress your child from a survival swimmer into a recreational swimmer and keep them using their skills.

  • This class includes an exciting selection of water games, diving activities, a water slide and a fun atmosphere. Whatever the age or level, your child will have such a great time, that this will be the class where they don’t want to get out the water.

Once/ week upfront R2 930* (or 3 equal monthly upfront payments of R1 026)
twice/ week
upfront R5 560* (or 3 equal monthly upfront payments of R1946)
*All prices are 2024 calendar year prices and are Non-VATable

Beyond survival and having fun!

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