Who We Are

Professional Swim Instructors

Infant Aquatics both globally and locally is comprised of energetic, creative professionals who love being in the water.


We are dedicated to teaching your child the survival swimming skills needed to enjoy the water safely.

Experience and Education

Each instructor has over 100 hours of in-water training and education in child development and behavior.


Combining our years of experience and educational background with the physics of swimming, we conduct the safest and most comprehensive baby swimming lessons possible.

Ultimate Goal

We take pride in our expertise in working with infants and small children and globally share the same passion that we are saving lives, one child at a time. 


We form special relationships with both our students and their parents.


Giving you peace of mind and the absolute pleasure of watching your child discover the joy of swimming as this is after all truly the most rewarding experience for us all.

 Over 75 
around the
water safety

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