• Children who have completed Infant Survival and Aquatic courses and have acquired basic survival skills, and are of the age of 6-23 months or until they are walking, whichever comes first.

Who needs maintenance classes?
Rikki with baby on foam mat
What are maintenance classes?
  • This class is for the in-between stages for children not yet walking, as well as children who have completed the relevant survival course.

  • Maintenance classes are necessary, as they need to practice the skills they have acquired for maximum retention.

Why are maintenance classes important?
  • This is the "use it not to lose it" class.

  • These lessons are either 10 or 20 minutes long depending on age, and are once a week or as often as you can make it (we understand people travel from far), depending on the child’s ability and your schedule.

  • We can’t stress enough the importance and the necessity of maintenance right throughout the year winter, rain or shine. 

  • ​To make things easier:

    • Our pools are heated and very warm.

    • The indoor changing area is heated and equipped with hair dryers and towels.

    • Lessons are short and effective. 

  • Every minute your child spends in the water practicing gives them that extra confidence, which enhances their ability to apply survival skills when their life depends on it. 

  • Accidents do happen so let's keep them prepared!