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Swimmers Survival Course
Age Group: 4 Years and up
Duration: 6 x 30 min
 Lessons within 3 weeks
Outcome: Water and Swimming safe within 6 weeks with an introduction to strokes within 3 weeks

Rikki with floating child
What is Swimmers Survival?
  • If your child has never done an infant or toddler course with us before, children will learn to perform the survival sequence SWIM•float•SWIM™. Children will learn to swim correctly with their faces fully submerged, to roll onto their backs and float and rest whenever they need to breathe, and then to flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim to safety.


  • Older children tend have more energy and a longer attention span, so their sessions are 20 minutes long. We teach these lessons privately 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for 3 consecutive weeks.


  • Once your child has graduated from the short 3-week course and achieved the swimmers badge, we then move them to group lessons once a week to maintain their new skills. These classes involve a maximum of 3 other swimmers to build confidence as well as preparation for stroke technique group classes.


  • Depending on their ability, we will begin mastering more complex skills such as arm movements on the back building up to backstroke, dolphin kicking and the beginning stages of freestyle.


  • As with any new skill learned, it has to be practiced. In order to get results and for the programme to be fully effective your child needs to come each day for the 3 weeks.


  • This is a small commitment for their safety. The result is children being water safe in weeks not years!


  • While survival courses are intense, they are definitely still fun, with tons of toys and games.

Fees: Once off upfront R6 970* 
*All prices are 2024 calendar year prices and are Non-VATable

Children 4 and up master their skills!

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