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What do we teach ?

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Infant Aquatics Academy has the privilege and honour of teaching and expanding on the life-saving Swim•Float•Swim™ method, developed in the United States and perfected by Judy Heumann. 

Her method and expertise sets the industry standard for swim survival lessons by providing a comprehensive set of critical water skills to our students, helping us ensure your children learn how to be water safe after only just a few short WEEKS with us. It's loads of fun and we teach your little ones everything they need to know, not only to be SAFE, but to SURVIVE. 

The goal is to equip your child with the necessary skills and confidence to survive in the water in the event of an accident.

Safety is our most important goal and after they've completed an IA course, they can progress to fun weekly group classes, maintenance and introduction to strokes, all under the direction of our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors.

Although the Infant Aquatics programme has only been available for a short time in South Africa, Judy has been training instructors and changing lives around the globe for over four decades!

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