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Infant Aquatics 
Age Group: 6-12 Months
Duration: 12
 x 10 min lessons in 3 weeks
Outcome: Water Survival within 3 weeks

Rikki with floating baby
What is Infant Aquatics?
  • This programme teaches children to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs, to relax and catch their breath. Infants will be taught the necessary skills to survive while we simulate all possibilities, including being fully clothed.

  • These are private lessons with the instructor, and parents stay dry while we do the teaching. Floaters Survival Boot Camp consists of 10-minute lessons for 3 consecutive weeks, and take place 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).


  • Your child can then attend maintenance classes to reinforce their newly acquired survival skills and they'll put them in good stead for the next part, where we teach them to SWIM float SWIM™.


  • In order to get results and for the programme to be fully effective, your child's attendance should be consistent and as often in the week as possible, unless for health reasons, please be as committed and determined to complete this as we are.


  • This is only for a short 3 weeks, and the skills they learn could help save their lives.

Fees: Once off upfront R4 990* - Includes IAA approved nappy
*All prices are 2024 calendar year prices and are Non-VATable

6 - 9 months Happy, Safe and confident!

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