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Meet the Instructors

Rikki Maman (AKA Coach Rikki)

Rikki Mamam

Having almost drowned when I was 3, I also had the experience of being brought up by a parent who had extreme fear of the water for me as it was an absolute miracle that I survived.

I became an instructor because I was extremely excited with the idea that I could actually be a part of an option for parents that would change their lives forever and empower them with skills to potentially save their children's lives.

After months of planning, Judy's daughter, Kyla Heumann, a seasoned instructor herself to both students and instructor apprentices joined us here in South Africa to facilitate training.

I am the first Infant Aquatics instructor to be trained in South Africa and my experience was just phenomenal. We began training with the aim of reaching out to as many underprivileged children as possible and offer them a chance to learn to swim and survive in an effort to decrease the high number of drownings that happen in the rural townships and villages each year.

Kyla is an unbelievable teacher with such a kind and nurturing approach to the children, having understood that some had never even seen a pool before and were forbidden to be anywhere near water.


Whilst training me, we changed these children's lives one at a time, and I could not be more humbled by the opportunity to learn whilst being a part of something so special.

I really got the most amazing opportunity any instructor could have asked for, having the option to train in one of the only institutes in Johannesburg that offers this program, alongside the support of the Infant Aquatics network.


Being able to join the association in the USA for workshops and conferences and meet Judy just adds so much more to the path in building myself into a confident teacher and business owner.


I look forward to the bright future and the many lives I will save teaching children how to survive.

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