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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Eating guidelines, as outlined previously, have been provided for the swimmer's safety and are expected to be adhered to with all seriousness. Vomiting can lead to serious complications in the water. These guidelines together with a comprehensive list of alternate foods,  are also in the parent handbook pdf, attached to your confirmation email. Please refer.
2. It’s imperative clients prioritise arriving well on time, as late arrival will result in less lesson time or even a missed lesson altogether.
3. Infant Aquatics Academy places the health and safety of all swimmers as a top priority, and we do our best to ensure our pool is operating to the standards required by Infant Aquatics International in order to maintain our international accreditation. As such should we experience an unforeseen situation that requires immediate action, such as a fecal accident, a vomit or lightning that would place your child at risk – it could happen that our notification to parents is under the 24 hour notification limit.
4.It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all siblings and friends visiting the swim school and to ensure that all children behave in a responsible manner and respect the pool rules at all times. Such as no running on the pool deck,
interfering with lessons, or destruction of swim school facilities/property. The Pool Rules are also in the parent handbook pdf, attached to your confirmation email.
5. Infant Aquatics Academy reserves the right to change conditions of membership, services offered or fees prior to commencement of any new term.

1. In order to secure a safety course slot, full payment as well as completed online enrolment, must be received within 72 hours of booking.
2. All lessons required for the full duration of a safety course are scheduled at the start and need to be adhered to.
3. In order for a swimmer to graduate a safety course, they need to have attended the full quota of lessons set out as per the relevant course. A coach and time is specifically booked and it's imperative these are adhered to. Lessons missed as a result of legitimate medical circumstances,  substantiated by a doctor's letter, will be honored. Parents are to be aware that these will be scheduled based on times available. Any lessons missed that do not fit the above criteria will be charged for.
4. Should a swimmer graduate a safety course while a term is still in progress, and wishes to transition to regular maintenance lessons, a pro-rata amount will be charged based on the number of weeks applicable to the end of term, and  settled within 72 hours of billing.
5. At least once a week maintenance to the completion of the term is compulsory post-graduation of SAFETY COURSE. These lessons will be prorated.
6. Cancellation/refund requests received less than 21 days before a course commences will incur a penalty fee of up to 100%. An email request may be submitted to for consideration and feedback.
7. Should you wish to cancel once a course has commenced, no refunds will be processed. A refund/cancellation request may be submitted to executive review, emailed to Should any credits be authorised, these need to be claimed within a 12 month period.

1. Weekly Private swimming slots are booked per term and settlement of term swimming is 7 days before term starts to confirm and secure a swimmer’s place.
2. In circumstances when term billing is issued after term starts, because a client just completed a safety course, or a new client is starting with us after term commencement, settlement is required within 72 hours of issue.
3. Once a time has been confirmed for the term, it is set for the term, with the option to change only available for the next term.
4. Infant Aquatics Academy runs per term. Should a client wish to give notice during a term, notice must be submitted in that term, in writing and emailed to with the subject “Notice”. The remainder of the term will serve as the notice period and no refunds will be given.

6. Parents are to advise a coach of any complications related to a booked lesson 24-48 hours prior to the lesson. The same courtesy applicable should a coach need to affect a scheduled lesson.

7. The school is closed on public holidays with no makeup sessions for public holidays.
8. There are no makeup sessions, unless the school cancels a lesson in the case of a coach falling ill or not being able to make the lesson. In which case the coach will liaise to ensure that lesson is made up.
9. There are no makeup sessions for natural causes beyond our control such as lightning.
10. Lessons are not carried over to the next term.
11. Absence due to legitimate medical circumstances will be addressed on a case by case basis. And only if a doctor’s letter is provided.


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